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You may think these are unlikely to cause issues, but one of my old machines refused to boot last week because the network card had developed a fault.
Removed it, and all was fine.
Having that done, try the power again.
Are you seeing any activity at all?
Is there a power light on your motherboard?
Diagnosing a Faulty Power Supply: A power supply is the most common component to fail along with hard drives and fans, usually down to either the moving fan inside the power supply itself or again, capacitors.
However, you should under no circumstances ever try to repair a faulty power supply — the only option is to replace it.
There are two way to diagnose a faulty power supply, one is with a spare, and the other is with a second computer.
If you have a spare, trying swapping the faulty one out and the spare in.
If you have a spare computer, grab the power supply out of that and try swapping it in instead.
Obviously, this is going to show you straight away that the power supply is at fault.
To avoid jumping to wrong conclusions though, be sure you are plugging in ALL the leads you need to.
Modern motherboards need not only the large 20-pin power plug, but often additional 4 or 8 pin plugs for additional processor or video driving power.
Check computer slot types motherboard manual, or look closely around the CPU fan for connectors like this.
If it looks like you ought to plugging something in there, download and read through ourespecially the page on power connectors.
Unplugging X made it work again: If, having unplugged everything non-essential you find your computer now boots fine, you can start the laborious process of testing each component individually.
Beeping: Computers are actually remarkably good at diagnosing themselves, and will often produce their own error codes in the form of a series of beeps.
Though the beep codes vary by manufacturer, you can be sure that they have something to do with either your CPU, your memory, or the video card.
Check the manual or manufacturers site for codes specific to your motherboard, or you try looking at this.
The most common beep code I come across is a computer slot types series of beeps, which indicated a memory error.
It could be as simple as not seating the memory in the slot correctly and will often come out during a move.
If your computer will turn on and function correctly, but you sometimes still hear a series of beeps during use, it means your CPU is overheating, most probably due to a fan this is starting to fail.
You can try to clear the gunk and dust away from the heat-sink and fan as a short term fix, but look to replacing the whole thing.
If you have any stories of hardware woes, do let us know about it in the comments.
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I did that with a faulty PSU and it killed of my MB in another PC.
You can get PSU testers, that show green LEDs if the correct voltages are there, but even so, some of the testers didn't show anything on a perfectly good PSU.
Hi, I have a HP 14-d039TU which doesn't go on at all.
It happens that this part is getting extremely hot in almost 30sec of plugging in power.
It doesn't have a fan, it has these modern heat sinks which includes justjust a metal palet.
Is there a way of fixing this?
Your help will highly be appreciated.
That's not really user-serviceable, unfortunately.
Diagnosing something like that would involve checking the schematics, finding what is shorting, and correcting it - many hours of work for a skilled engineer, which isn't usually cost effective.
My power supply blew up the moment I hit the start button on the case.
After doing research and talking with others, I figured I only needed a new psu.
I grabbed a spare from a buddy, but that one blew the exact same when I tried starting it up again.
It was terrible seeing the case light up after plugging everything in, but then hearing the same pop the moment I hit the start button :, I just got another psu from a local vender and I'm ready to try it out by starting with just the motherboard and processor, removing the RAM, graphics card, LED display panel, fans, heat sink, optical disk drives, and storage disk drives.
I also have an ohmmeter I just borrowed from a friend, without any experience using one, so I'm wondering how I should go about testing my components.
It seems that using the multimeter can do damage to a component, but finding the shorted component using the "add one variable to the equation until it doesn't work" will blow the psu in my situation.
I'm building an entirely new pc, but I still want to revive as much of this system as I can.
Plus, Computer slot types like learning how to do stuff like this myself.
That's a tricky one, to be honest.
Was this something you built yourself from scratch, or has it been working before?
If it's been working, I'd suspect your motherboard is at fault - capacitors blown is a common issue - so removing everything may just kill another PSU.
I tried the new PSU with the 24- and 4-pin connected to the motherboard, and it's running fine as far as I can tell!
Everyone and their mothers were suspecting the motherboard, but I figured it was worth the cheap cost of the PSU to test it out.
Should I add the GPU next?
Or maybe the RAM then the GPU?
Or should I get new RAM first before messing around any further since that is cheap?
It was a scratch build, but I bought it used for cheap from an ex-coworker a few years back.
Motherboard: MSI 880G-E45 CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 GPU: MSI N560GTX-ti Twin Frozr II Case: Cooler Master Cosmos S PSU: 1 Kingwin ABT-1220MA1S RIP 2 Corsair CX430M RIP 3 Corsair CX500 Well, now I'm just confused.
You're absolutely sure it was wired up correctly the first two times?
Had it been running fine before, then just suddenly blew up one day?
I'm not sure what to suggest.
Two busted PSUs implies the motherboard.
I'm certain some faulty RAM couldn't cause that, nor a graphics card, but I'll we'll see once you put those back!
Ok I put the RAM and GPU on the motherboard.
Everything seems to be ok with the GPU fans and heatsink fan running just fine.
I can't computer slot types any display though, not even the bios.
It was running fine for years and then suddenly blew up, yes, which is why I thought it was just the psu.
But then when I put another psu in, that blew up immediately the same way.
I used some of the same wires form the first psu on the second, and also had all the case wiring attached including the LED display panel.
Now, I've taken everything out of the case and I have a third power supply running with the motherboard, gpu, cpu, heatsink, and RAM, but can't get a display.
After looking closely at the graphics card, I'm wondering if I should skip testing it.
Do the marks on the board under the print at the top click look bad to you?
I've been using double monitor for almost 3 months now, and its been a week since I'ved experience things regarding my monitor.
It turns on and off every now and then and I don't know what's the problem.
We tried to replace the monitor with a brand new one, but still, it blinks.
If you've replaced the monitor, you're left with two possible causes.
Try replacing the cable, and if that doesn't work, it might be your video card, which is obviously much more expensive to fix.
Short of reinstalling windows with latest drivers, there isn't much you can do about this.
It may not even be the drivers, it may be something else on the software side causing a refresh.
In my opinion it is rather difficult to analize any problem if you can't even imagine how computer works.
For instance, in our office we use this type of power supply and when it was broken no one, only a master could understand what happened with it!
I guess the best way is to ask help of specialist!
So my laptop mobo has no onboard graphics and when it boots the mobo power light clicks on and off about 4 times then it stays on but with no beeps afterwards.
I believe the mini pci e slot is bad.
I tried all these computer slot types for hours when all I had to do was move the RAM and it fixed the problem i was having.
Check your power supply connectors.
A loose power connector can prevent the computer from initially powering up or it can cause intermittent disruptions in current which will cause shutdowns.
If you move your computer around much, all the jostling can loosen connectors.
Sometimes it just the simplest thing.
I have repaired many computers over the years so wasn't expecting much from this article.
I was pleasantly surprised by your suggestions - very comprehensive and informative.
You come across bulging resistors much?
I was quite shocked the first one I ever saw, but then started seeing them in loads~ Actually, Beeping should be the first on the list.
If there is no beeps coming out of your speaker, then that is the time to take out the non-essential parts.
The second most common beep code is caused by the video card.
If you're sure that the power supply is good and you only have the motherboard and processor singled out, in my experience 90% of the time, it is the motherboard.
Processor rarely quit but still do.
Hi Edmar, I put beep codes last because the article was prefaced around the idea of "wont power on".
As far as I'm concerned, if you've got a beep code then your PC is on and debugging itself, so that's why I put it last.
I have yet to see a faulty processor though outside of an overheated xbox360 that is.
My PC has been getting a problem.
Its a AMD quad core, and I have a 550W power supply.
Sometimes the CPu fan creates noise.
Checked it, removed all gunk and dust, still sometimes, so what is the solution to it.
And lately 2-3 days the PC freezes not hangs since all resources are mostly free, but freezes.
The only solution left is to force restart.
Then sometime I have to switch to Ubuntu, but such problem is popping up with Windows 7 only, not any other OS.
How to check what part of the computer is causing the FREEZE.
I had a similar noisy fan, and ended up having to replace the CPU cooler entirely with a more efficient, silent one.
It's not obvious if your windows problem is related, but it could be if your CPU is overheating computer slot types ubunut isnt taxing it enough.
I'm afraid random freezes can be any one of a number of things, but here are my best guesses: 1.
He's the lead developer of MakeUseOf, and spends his free time playing VR paintball and boardgames.
He's been building PCs since he was a kid.
Advertisement Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the lights on at MakeUseOf.



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